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50gm Bar

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50g bar

50gm Bar

This elegant 50 gm gold bar from AURIZ stands unique for its exceptional craftsmanship, a perfect embodiment of premium standards in purity and design. Through rigorous processing, this expertly crafted precious metal bar carries a timeless symbol of its individual authenticity accreditation. This skillfully etched precious craft meets unparalleled excellence in highest purity grades and comes with up to 999.9 metal fineness.

An exceptional artistic brilliance mirrors the empyreal beauty of exquisite details, making the art an enduring signature of endless abundance. The elegant artistry is sure to be a treasured addition for investing and gifting, accentuating the finely tuned rose design motif that itself depicts the uniqueness, timelessness and exquisiteness of this masterfully crafted, square-shaped fine gold bar from AURIZ.

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