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Delivering premium standards of operational expertise, advanced laboratory and state of the art refining facilities, AURIZ provide the best precious metal refining services and products to our clients. We deliver highest grades of Gold & Silver products and services for Dealers, Traders and Banks from around the world. AURIZ is a leading market provider of certified Gold & Silver in the Middle East, equipped with ultra-modern refining technology handled by skilful experts. AURIZ established internationally accepted quality standards for refining, smelting, assaying and minting of precious metals.

At AURIZ, we specialize in the processing of precious metals including Gold and Silver. We offer a wide range of products consisting Gold Bars, Coins and other precious materials of various size and purity level. AURIZ follows foremost industrial standards for highest customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing authentic, secure and timely services to our clients. AURIZ is driven by its dedication to excellence and guidance for delivering quality products and services. Today, AURIZ is one of the major market player in precious metal industry all across the UAE and the Middle East.

Our Vision

To dominate in the precious metal refining industry by upholding premium quality standards, and become a global refiner of choice for our clients with unparalleled service integrity and transparency.

Why Auriz

A Global Refinery driven by Quality & Excellence

Highest Security

We ensure highest safety and security at our refinery and shipment to provide preeminent protection to your precious assets.

Advanced Technology

At AURIZ, we access modern technology and state of the art refining facilities for comprehensive precious metal recovery and valuation.

Service Integrity

As a responsible refiner, we collect materials from trusted sources and are precisely processed to deliver preeminent quality standards.

24/7 Support

Our experts provide 24 hrs. Customer support to clarify all your queries and to help you find the best products and services of your choice.

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