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Sell Your Gold to a Refinery

Selling Gold Direct To Refinery: What You Need To Know

Gold gives guaranteed value regardless of unpredictable market conditions. Thanks to the global price movements, selling gold for cash has always been profitable if you make it at the right time.

In Dubai, you can choose from hundreds of reputed dealers, pawn shops, and online buyers who offer unbeatable prices and services while selling your precious metal items. You can also sell your gold in UAE directly to a refinery, where you’ll get fair pricing through the most advanced and accurate metal valuation procedures.

Most gold refineries accept all types of gold, even if it is broken, scratched or damaged. While some local jewellers may refuse to buy broken gold or gold from other countries, a licensed precious metal refiner in UAE deal with any gold type despite the metal grade, condition or country of origin.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you should consider while selling your precious assets to a gold refinery in UAE or anywhere else in the world;

Know your gold first

So you’ve decided to sell your gold to make some extra money. Without a basic idea about the gold type you own, it may seem hard to know whether you’re receiving the actual price or not. So it’s vital to be conscious about the metal weight and purity before selling your item. You can get authentic information from the purchase invoice or get the help of a local retailer. Remember, gold comes in different metal compositions, purity and weight grades. Each has its role in deciding the final price of a gold piece. So, be aware of your gold type, spot fake pricing and unscrupulous dealers with a bit of due diligence.

Why do refiners buy scrap gold from you?

Have you ever wondered why precious metal refiners are interested in your used or scrap gold items? Refiners accept any form of gold. They use advanced technology and methods to separate pure gold from other metals. Through various processing, they refine and recycle your gold scraps into bullion bars, coins, jewellery and other items.

How to sell gold to a refinery?

Selling gold to a refinery is as easy as selling to a jeweller. Customers consider selling gold to a refinery as they expect the highest price through precise, advanced metal valuation. After verifying the purity and metal compositions, your precious metal is valued and priced following the international gold market rate today. Customers can either sell their gold for cash or also can convert the metal into investment-grade bars or coins. You may have to submit the invoice for your gold items to avoid legal claims or disputes during and after the sale. Apart from selling gold, you can also buy gold from a refinery where you’ll get the purest gold at the best market rate.

Selling gold to a jeweller or refiner: what is the best option?

Customers usually prefer jewellery or local pawn shops to sell their precious assets. But do you know most jewellers buy gold scraps from customers and transfer them to refineries for assaying & melting? They will take a small share of the profit while buying gold from customers. It means you won’t be able to retrieve the maximum value of your items from a jeweller. However, if you choose a refiner to sell your gold, you will get paid without any middleman deductions. You can also rest assured that your gold valued by experts, gives better clarity and trustworthiness about how much it is actually worth.

Refineries follow international gold rates

While jewellers rely on local gold market rates, refiners usually follow international gold prices. It elevates the chances of getting a fair price for your items. Ensuring uniformity in pricing, customers can be confident with a stable market rate while selling gold to a refiner or processing them into other precious metal creations.

Refiners use advanced technology for greater accuracy

It’s no wonder that refiners deal with a large volume of precious metal processing. The process of metal valuation and purification requires advanced tools and machinery facilities. It benefits customers when they step into selling gold to a refiner. Customers can be sure that their gold is tested and valued using the highest quality standards. With great accuracy, customers come to know the exact value of their assets, which enables them to find maximum cash for their gold.

Do your research

Before making a final decision, it’s always better to do a little research about various refineries for gold, their services and customer policies. You can also check other customers’ feedback and experience with a particular precious metal refiner. Also, try to get experts’ advice so that you can approach a refiner by having a clear idea of their expertise in the field. As numerous gold refinery companies are operating across the UAE, take your time to analyze different options and don’t make decisions hurriedly.

What makes AURIZ the best gold refinery in UAE?

Whether you own gold in the form of jewellery, bullion bars or coins, AURIZ refinery is a reliable resource in the UAE to get your precious metal items tested, valued and priced with trust. Our industry-best practices, customer policies and transparent services ensure the best price and security while selling your gold for cash in the UAE. Through multi-layered, advanced processing stages, experts at AURIZ evaluate your precious items to guarantee the highest market rate. With a fully transparent approach from assessment to pricing, AURIZ prioritizes customer satisfaction through world-class precious metal dealing practices and standards.

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