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Gold Tola Bars

Gold Tola Bars: A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

Gold Tola Bars: A Guide To Everything You Need To Know

You know that Gold comes in different purity grades and metal weights. As a result, the price of a precious metal usually depends on these two factors. While purchasing gold bullion, preferring a particular karat and metal weight allows customers to shop more decisive within a specific budget range.

Have you ever heard the term Tola when it comes to Gold?

Tola is an ancient unit of measurement commonly used in India and many South Asian countries. Typically known as the smallest size bullion, gold Tola is considered one of the budget-friendly choices among light investment-grade bullion bars and coins.

Per the precious metal metric system, 1 Tola is equivalent to 180 troy grains, meaning the metal weighed (11.6638038) grams. However, to avoid the complexity of decimals, jewelers often set 1 Tola equal to 10 grams for more precise and easy measuring.

In this article, let us learn in detail what defines Tola gold bars and why they became popular among traders and investors. 

The origin of the term - Tola

Dates back to 1833, the ancient unit of weight (Tola) derived in India and Southeast Asia. At that time, Tola was commonly used to promote a fair trade of grains and precious metals. On the metric system, 1 Tola is equivalent to 11.7 grams. Remember that the term Tola is nothing related to gold purity and denotes the unit of mass such as grams and kilograms.

What is a gold Tola bar?

Simply put, a gold Tola bar is a precious metal bullion bar weighed in the unit of Tolas. 1 Tola measured 11.66 grams or 3/8 troy ounce. However, The most common and popular size of investment-grade gold bar is the 10 Tola bar, but you can also find bars of 1, 3, and 5 Tolas if you are purchasing with a limited budget. Tola bars are known for their perfectly shaped, smooth, round edges. They typically come in 22 or 24-karat Gold and the traditional purity grade of 999 fineness out of 1000 grams. 

How pure is a Gold Tola Bar?

Gold Tola bars are manufactured in 22 or 24-karat Gold. They traditionally hold a millesimal gold purity of 999. However, you can also buy 999.9 purest Tola bars. In other words, 999 fineness means that your 24K gold is 99.90% pure, and other metal presence constitutes only 0.1% out of 100. Likewise, 999.9 certifies your Gold is 99.99% pure, meaning only 0.01% of other metals are added. So, if you are looking for Gold in its extreme purity condition, you can choose a 999.9 pure bar. But if you consider high metal strength than purity, it is better to go for 999 as the Gold comes mixed with other metals such as silver, copper, and zinc for more metal strength and durability. 

How much do Tola bars/coins weigh?

According to Indian standards, Tola bars and coins come in various metal weights. Here are some of the most traded Tola units in India and the Middle East.

1 Tola = (180) troy grains = (0.375) troy ounces = 11.66 grams

3 Tolas = (540) troy grains = (1.125) troy ounces = 34.98 grams

5 Tolas = (900) troy grains = (1.875) troy ounces = 58.3 grams  

10 Tolas = (1800) troy grains = (3.75) troy ounces = 116.6 grams  

What makes Tola Bars/Coins a good investment asset?

1 Tola (11.66 grams) is the smallest-size bullion gold bar commonly traded. You can easily carry, store, and sell them anywhere. This tiny investment-grade gold bar stands unique as it displays attention to detail craftsmanship.

Tola bars are ingrained with their manufacturer stamping certifying the metal weight and fineness (999.9). The highest-quality mirror-like glossy finish makes Tola bars aesthetically appealing in their finest form. 

Tola bars are a perfect choice for gifting

Tola bars and coins are popular as investment assets and widely chosen for gifting purposes. Their elegant design, smooth rounded edges, and stunning mirror-like finish make them the perfect choice for weddings, birthdays, and other significant events.

Tola bars and coins are very portable, making them easy to carry and present to your loved ones in their important moments. Whether you opt for a 50gm gold in Tola, a ten tola gold bar, or even a 500gm gold in Tola, these exquisite Tola bars and coins will surely impress and bring joy to the recipient.

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