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A Guide to Gold Kilo Bars

A Guide to Gold Kilo Bars: Top Benefits of Investing

The obsession with gold can be traced back over a hundred decades. Gold became a popular trading and investing asset due to its high liquidity power and an excellent hedge against inflation. While currency exchanges go unpredictable, gold has maintained its stability in value through the test of time.


People buy gold today as a safe store of wealth. You’ll find various denominations of investment-grade gold bars and coins (bullion) in stores and online. The choices with gold bullion bars typically range from 10gm to 250 kilos gold bars. You can purchase and hold any size based on your budget and purpose.


However, from this widest choice, more investors prefer purchasing 1-kilo gold bars today. The 1000 gm purest precious metal bar holds a purity level of 995 to 999. In this article, let’s discuss in detail what makes 1-kilo gold bars a perfect investment asset and why they became popular among investor  


Gold – Investors’ No.1 Choice

More people today buy gold as a perfect option to invest in precious metal products. It is because gold guarantees long-term value and security, as the yellow metal placed in high regard as the safest investment asset for ages. Investing in gold has much wider prospects today, where anyone can hold and trade the precious metal on digital platforms without holding gold in its physical form. Gold investments can be done in different ways like buying jewellery, gold bars, coins, gold exchange-traded funds, gold bond schemes etc. You have plenty of choices to formulate a perfect investment plan with gold in the market today.

What does mean by Gold Kilo Bars?

As the term itself defines, Gold Kilo Bars are gold bullion bars with a metal weight of 1000 grams. 1 Kilo Gold Bars have been considered the world’s most widely traded gold bullion bars, a popular yet relatively affordable option for investing in precious metal products. The fineness of a 1 Kilo gold bar is usually 99.5%, 99.9% or 99.99% out of 100 grams.

Gold Kilo Bars are conveniently sized for easy transport and storage. They are increasingly renowned and liquid in the global financial markets. 1-kilo gold bars are usually rectangular and are either manufactured as cast or minted from a recognized refinery. However, the design and look and feel of a 1 Kilo Gold Bar could vary from one manufacturer to another.

Advantages of Investing in 1 Kilo Gold Bars

Whether physical or digital, buying Gold Kilo Bars offer numerous benefits as you look forward to diversifying your investment portfolio. Apart from the inflation-beating capacity of gold, people specifically prefer 1 Kilo Gold Bars for many reasons. Here are some top advantages of investing your money in a gold Kilo Bar.


High Liquidity: - Regardless of their comparatively large size, 1 Kilo gold bars could easily be liquefied to their bullion value. In other words, you can sell these bars on any market and be accepted everywhere without having concerns over their high liquidity power.


Lower Premium: - The gold premium of a bullion bar is calculated by the production costs that occurred during the entire process. Gold selling price is typically determined by adding the premium to the gold spot value. 1-kilo gold bars have lower premiums compared to small-size bars, allowing investors to get maximum value in gold for the money they spend.


Purest Bar: - 1 Kilo bar of gold holds a minimum fineness of 0.995 and mostly comes with 0.999 or 0.9999 purity out of 1000 grams. In other words, the metal contains more gold while a small percentage of 0.1 to 0.01 is other metals such as silver, copper, nickel etc.


Easy to Store and Protect: - Security becomes key while storing any precious metal product for long-term wealth management. You can easily carry, transport and store them in a bank’s deposit box, where you can secure your 1-kilo gold bar at minimum risk and expense.

High Resale Value: - Due to their high liquidation power, 1 Kilo Gold Bars are the most universally traded precious metal bars. As the demand is always at stake, you can sell or exchange them anytime at the highest resale value.


Top Gold Bar Brands in the World

When comes to buying a gold kilo bar, no doubt you’re spending some serious money. As a result, customers feel more comfortable purchasing gold bullion bars and coins from recognizable brands. It also makes sense that if you want to sell your items in future, a well-known brand’s gold bar or coin is highly valued and never fails to attract demand. Remember, a 1-kilo gold bar is always similar in value and weight. But the design, metal finish and shape can vary from one manufacturer to another.


Here are some of the premium gold bullion bar manufacturers around the world;








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